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Released Ver.1.0 of the Scientific Calculator App "RINPn"

On December 31, we have released the first general release version (Ver.1.0.0) of the programmable scientific calculator app "RINPn".

We had already released the Release-Candidate (RC) version early this month, as the final step of the one-year open beta stage. We have confirmed that the RC version is stable enough, so we determined to transit to general release stage.

The first general release version 1.0.0 is almost the same as the RC version. From the RC version, we have mainly tuned setting: changed some default values, and added a new setting item.

You can download the general release version from the following official website:

From here, let's see basic features of RINPn.

What is RINPN ?

RINPn is a programmable scientific calculator application.

As shown in the below image, RINPn is equipped with the simple and general key panel. Hence, you can get used to RINPn soon, like as general calculator apps. If you prefer inputting calculation expressions by using PC's keyboards, you can retract the RINPn's key panel to save space.

Also, you can use RIPn on the command line, if you want (it requires to register RINPn to environment variable "Path").

In addition, you can define new functions and variables in C-like simple programming (Vnano) language. You can also call methods written in Java, if necessary.

You can also write numerical calculation programs, and run them on RINPn in high-speed. For example, an example program calculating an integrated value is bundled as "Example.vnano". On RINPn, its calculation completes immediately.

Please Visit the Official Website for More Details
- You Can Also Get Source Code

For more details of RINPn's features, please see the top page of the following official website.

Also, RINPn is an open source software, written in Java. You can build RINPn from the source code very easily (it requires only JDK). The source code repository is:

As the above README, you can build RINPn by only executing a building script, on both Windows and Linux.


We continue to inform you updates of RINPn in this "News" category. If you have any interest in RINPn, please feel free to try using it!

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Released Ver.1.0 of the Scientific Calculator App "RINPn"
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