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The RINPn (RINEARN Processor nano) is a free scientific calculator software, having having very simple UI. The RINPn is available on both of the GUI (calculator window) and the CUI (command-line terminal).

In addition, the RINPn is customizable and programmable. For example, you can define new functions and variables by writing scripts, and can extend built-in functions by developing plug-ins in Java®, and so on.

* The RINPn has not been released officially yet. The package downloaded from the above link is an open beta version.

Available on Various OSes for PC

The RINPn is the calculator software developed in Java®, so you can use it on Microsoft® Windows®, Linux, and other OSes for PC. Furthermore, you can put the RINPn in your USB memory, and use it on multiple PCs without installation.

For Microsoft Windows

To execute the RINPn, double-click "RINPn.bat (Type: Windows Batch File)" in the downaloded/extracted folder. When you first execute the RINPn, you can optionally get the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) which is required to run (it will put in the "jre" folder of the RINPn, and will not be installed in the system of your PC).

For Linux, etc.

To execute the RINPn, set the current directory (by "cd" command) to the downloaded/extracted folder, and input the following command:

java -jar RINPn.jar

If any error occurs and it indicates "java" command is not available, installing Java Runtime Environment (JRE) into your PC is required for executing this software. You might install a JRE of the OpenJDK project easily by "apt" command and so on, but please note that "headless" version is not available for the RINPn.

For both of Windows and Linux, you can use the RINPn on the command-line terminal, by adding the path of "bin" folder of the RINPn to the environment variable: "Path" or "PATH". » Details

Very Simple Window

The design of the window of the RINPn is very simple, having only input and output text fields and few buttons. You can customize size, colors, and transparency of the window. The default size is very small, so it is convenient to put the RINPn at the corner of the desktop.

The window of the RINPn on the screen.

By default, the calculator window always stays on the front layer of all windows, and displayed translucently (you can optionally disable both features). It is helpful when you need frequently to copy the calculation expression from other window, and paste the calculation result to the window.

Input the Whole of Expression

You can input and calculate the whole of the expression. In addition, you can use various mathematical and statistical functions in the expression.

An example of the calculation of a complicated expression.
- Mathematical/Statistical Functions Supported by Default -
sin / cos / tan / asin / acos / atan / abs(absolute value) sqrt(square root) / log10 / ln(log with the base "e") / pow / exp / sum / mean / van(variance, denominator: N) / van1(variance, denominator: N-1) / sdn(standard-deviation, denominator: N) / sdn1(standard-deviation, denominator: N-1) / rad(conversion from degree to radian) / deg(conversion from radian to degree) ... etc.
» List and Details

Define Functions and Variables

The RINPn supports C-like simple scripting language* for defining functions and variables by users. You can define them in library script files in "lib" folder, and use them in the calculation expression on the RINPn.

- Example of the Library Script File -

* The language supported by the RINPn is the "Vnano", which is a simple scripting language/engine for embedded use in applications, developed by RINEARN. For features and syntax of the Vnano, see: Features of the Vnano as a Language - Vnano Tutorial

Execute Script Files

In addition to defining functions/variable as the above, you can write complicated calculation code in a script file, and compute it by the RINPn.

For example, following scripts are distributed on the code archive in the official website of the VCSSL/Vnano, and you can use them on the RINPn.

Solve The Lorenz Equations Numerically

Solve the Lorenz equations, and output data to plot the solution curve (well-known as the "Lorenz Attractor") on a 3D graph.
Output Data of Numerical Integration For Plotting Graph

Example code computing integrated values numerically, and output data for plotting the integrated functions into graphs.
Compute Integral Value Numerically

Example code computing integral values numerically by using rectangular method, trapezoidal method, and Simpson's rule.

Available in the Command-Line

By adding the path of "bin" folder of the RINPn to the environment variable: "Path" or "PATH"., "rinpn" command which enables to calculate expressions on the command-line terminal will be available.

■ rinpn "1 + 2"

■ rinpn "(1 + 2) * 3 - 4 / 5"

■ rinpn "100 * (sqrt(2) / PI) * ( sin(2.3) + cos(3.4) ) / ( 1 + tan(2.8/2) )"

About how to add path, please search by: "how to add path windows" or "how to add path linux".

Open Source Softare

The RINPn is an open source software. The source code of the RINPn is distributed under the MIT license. It is the same for the Vnano, which is the scripting engine/language used in the RINPn.


You can use the RINPn right now !

* The RINPn has not been released officially yet. The package downloaded from the above link is an open beta version.

Please extract a zip file downloaded from the above link. Then double-click "RINPn.bat (Windows Batch File)", or execute "RINPn.jar (Executable Jar File)" on the command-line terminal. » Details

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