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Step 4 - How to Add Functions/Variables by Scripts
(Library Scripts)

You can define variables and functions in script files in "lib" folder, and use them in expressions of the Step-1 and Step-2, and in scripts of the Step-3. Scripts for providing functions/variables is referred as "library scripts" on the RINPn and the Vnano.

How to Use Library Scripts

There is an example library script "ExampleLibrary.vnano" in "lib" folder, and it is set to be loaded by default.

An example library script "ExampleLibrary.vnano" is in "lib" folder, and it is set to be loaded by default. The content of this example script is as follows:

(The content of "ExampleLibrary.vnano" in "lib" folder)

float libvar = 2.0;

float libfun(float x) {
    float result = libvar * x + 1;
    return result;
As a side note, in the Vnano, the precision of "float" type is 64-bit, as same as the "double".

In the expression/script inputted to the RINPn (see Step-1, Step-2, and Step-3), you can use variables and functions defined in the above "ExampleLibrary.vnano", as the following example:

1 + libvar




How to Add New Library Scripts

If you want, you can create other (new) library script files, and define functions/variables in it.

When you have created/appended new library script files, describe its file path in the content of the text file "VnanoLibraryList.txt" in "lib" folder, for loading it.

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