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Step 1 - How to Use in GUI Mode
(on the Calculator Window)

The RINPn has two mode - GUI mode and CUI mode. On the GUI mode, you can use the RINPn on a simple calculator window, so it is easy to use for everyone. Therefore, as a first step, Let's try to use GUI mode!

How to Launch the RINPn

How to launch the RINPn depends on the type of your environment.

For Microsoft® Windows®

Double-click the batch file "RINPn_?.?.?.bat" (?.?.? are version numbers) to launch the RINPn. Also, you can launch the RINPn by inputting "rinpn" command with no argumuments on the command-line terminal, if you registered "bin" folder of the RINPn in the environment variable "Path" (» More details).

At the first time you launched the RINPn, some preparation/configuration steps may run. Please do it as guided by messages.

For Other OS (Linux®, etc.)

Launch on the command-line terminal as follows:

cd (The folder of the RINPn)
java -jar RINPn.jar

Also, you can launch the RINPn by inputting only "rinpn" command with no argumuments, if you registered "bin" folder of the RINPn in the environment variable "PATH" (» More details).

When you execute the above command line, if an error occurred with the error message indicating that "java" command is not found, Java® Runtime Environment(JRE) is required separately. There are some ways to install it.

Probably, one of most adaptable way on various OSes is, to install the OpenJDK which is a development environment of Java® including the runtime environment. For details, search on the web with keywords "OpenJDK   install   (name of your OS)". The OpenJDK might be helpful too, when you want to call new functions (methods) written in Java® from the RINPn, because you are required to compile the code written in Java® in such case.

Also, on some Linux® distributions, you might be able to install only JRE easily, by using "apt" command. Firstly, search available packages:

apt search jre     (or "apt-cache" instead of "apt")

and then install appropriate one, for example:

sudo apt install default-jre     (or "apt-get" instead of "apt")
sudo apt install openjdk-?-jre     (?: version numbers)

Please note that the RINPn will NOT work on JRE with the name ends with "-headless".

Calculator Window

When you succeeded to launch the RINPn, the following calculator window will be displayed:

As the above, the calculator window of the RINPn is very simple and compact. By default, the calculator window will be displayed at the top-layer of all other windows in translucent color. The size, the color, and behaviour (whether the window should always be at the top-layer or not) of the calculator window are customizable. For customizing them, open the file "Settings.txt" by a text editor, and edit the content of the file, and overwrite it.

How to Calculate

To take calculations, input the expression into the "INPUT" text-field, and press the Enter key of your key board. Then the calculated value of the expression will be output on the "OUTPUT" text-field. For example:

( 1 + 2 ) / 3 - 4 + 5


As the above, parentheses "( )" and orders of operations (multiplication & division are prior than addition & subtraction) are considered correctly. Also, you can use functions/variables as:

sqrt ( sin( PI / 2 ) + 1 )


Available functions/variables by default are listed in the section: Appendix - List of Built-in Functions/Variables. In addition, you can create and use new function/variables as Step-4, Step-5.

- About Precision and Roundings -

In internal processing of the RINPn, numerical values are handled as double-precision (64-bit) binary floating-point number. Hence, some type of numerical errors are contained in some digits at tails of calculation results. Therefore, the RINPn rounds a calculation result in 10-digits by default (customizable by "Settings.txt"), before displaying it. When you use the RINPn, please note that above things, and thereby the RINPn may be unusable for some purposes (for example, calculations requiring perfect precision).

- Trademarks/Credits -
  • Oracle and Java are registered trademarks of Oracle and/or its affiliates.
  • Microsoft Windows is either a registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.
  • Linux is a trademark of linus torvalds in the United States and/or other countries.
  • Other names may be either a registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective owners.

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