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How to Launch RINEARN Graph 3D and Plot Graphs

There are some way to launch RINEARN Graph 3D. Please choose one suitable for you environment or preference.

Download RINEARN Graph 3D

At First, Extract the Downloaded ZIP file

The downloaded package is compressed by ZIP (extension: .zip) format. At first, extract the ZIP file before using, otherwise software will not work correctly.

Caution: If you opened contents (including this file) of the ZIP file by double-clicking, they are previewed temporary, so the ZIP file is not extracted permanently.

For Microsoft® Windows®

Right-click the downloaded ZIP file and extract it by selecting the right-clicking menu.

If the extraction finished successfully, the folder with the same name with the ZIP file will be generated, and all contents contained in the ZIP file will be located in the folder. Thereafter use files in the folder, so use them.

By the way, the extraction may stop with security warning messages (e.g. " ~ potentially harmful"). It may be caused by that the security feature of the OS on your PC detects batch (.bat) files contained in this ZIP file as "potentially harmful", because batch files can execute OS commands.
In that case, to extract, right-click the ZIP file and choose "Properties" from the menu, and enable "Unblock" checkbox at the right-bottom (in the line of "Security") of the properties-window. Then try extracting the ZIP file again.

For Linux®, etc.

Right-click the downloaded ZIP file and extract it by selecting the right-clicking menu, or extract on the command-line terminal as follows:

unzip -O cp932 rinearn_graph_3d_???_en.zip      (???: version code)

How to Launch RINEARN Graph 3D

For Microsoft® Windows®

Double-click the batch file "RinearnGraph3D.bat" in the extracted folder, and then RINEARN Graph 3D will be launched.

At the first time you launched this software, you will asked the amount of the memory usage you want to allocate, and whether you want to introduce Java® Runtime Environment(JRE) to "jre" folder if necessary. From the next time this software will be launched soon.

For Linux®, etc.

Execute the JAR file "RinearnGraph3D.jar" on the command-line terminal as follows:

cd <the_folder_in_which_the_JAR_file_is>
java -jar RinearnGraph3D.jar

If you want to specify the memory usage, execute with -Xmx optiopn:

java -Xmx512m -jar RinearnGraph3D.jar      (For allocating 512MB)
- About Java(R) Runtime Environment (JRE) -

For executing this software on Linux® and so on, Java® Runtime Environment is required separately. If you can use "apt" command on your command-line terminal, you might install JRE by using apt.

Firstly, search available packages:

apt search jre      (or "apt-get" instead of "apt")

and then install appropriate one, for example:

sudo apt install default-jre      (or "apt-get" instead of "apt")


sudo apt install openjdk-?-jre      (?: version numbers)

Please note that RINEARN Graph 3D will not work on JRE with the name ends with "-headles".

How to Plot Graphs

After the graph window launched, please select "File" > "Open File" menu from the menu bar, and the following window will launch:

Then click "OPEN" button to choose a file to open (some sample files are enclosed in "SampleDataFile" folder in the download package). The path of the chosen file will be appended to the textarea at the top ot the window. After you have appended all paths of files you want to plot, click "PLOT" button and they will be plotted into a 3D graph.

( If you want to plot a graph directly from data copied from a spreadsheet, please select &qupt;Paste Data&qupt; from right-clicking menu of the graph screen. )

As the following example, under the default setting, colorful points will be plotted at each coordinate points described in files. The color of each point represents the Z value of the coordinate point (You can disable this coloring mode, we will explain later).

To connect points by lines, enable "With Lines" checkbox from "Option" menu at the menu bar :

If data in files are described in mesh-representable formats, you can connect points by meshes or membranes, by enabling "With Meshes" or "With Membranes" checkboxes from "Option" menu at the menu bar :

For combining with these options, the interpolation option to make the 3D shape smooth is available by enabling "Tessellation" checkbox from "Option" menu at the menu bar :

By the way, if you plotted multiple files (or multiple data-series contained in a file) into one graph, it might be difficult to discern them because they will overlapped on the graph screen. In such cases, color-coding to discern them is available by disabling "Gradation" checkbox from "Option" menu at the menu bar :

*1: Oracle and Java are registered trademarks of Oracle and/or its affiliates.
*2: Microsoft Windows is either a registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.
*3: Linux is a trademark of linus torvalds in the United States and/or other countries.
* Other names may be either a registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective owners.

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