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Introduction - Overview of the RINPn and Preparation to Use

What is the "RINPn" ?

The RINPn is a free scientific calculator software. The calculator window of the RINPn is designed under the concept of "Simple & Compact".

In addition, the RINPn may be "Powerful" than you imagined from its tiny window. You can input the whole of expression (formula) to calculate, and you can use various math functions and parentheses in it. Also, you can define your own functions, or take automatic processing, by writing scripts (programs). The processing speed of the RINPn (max: hundreds MFLOPS ~ several GFLOPS) is not so slow compared with interpreters of general scripting languages, and it may be far faster than you imagined.

Thus, the RINPn is a "Simple & Compact" but "Powerful" calculator, like a small car with a turbo engine!

If you want to maximize the processing speed of the RINPn, raize the optimization level specified in "Settings.txt".

Available in Free - Open Source & MIT License

The RINPn is an open source software, so users can get source code of the RINPn, and can customize/improve/divert it, if want. The repository managing/providing source code is: https://github.com/RINEARN/rinpn.

Of course, you can also use the RINPn as it is, as general software. All kinds of users are very welcome!

The license of the RINPn is the "MIT License", which is one of popular open source licenses. Under that license, users can use the RINPn in free, in both of commertial and non-commertial purposes. For details, search on the web with keywords "MIT License" and so on. Probably, you can find many many webpages explaining details of MIT License.

Also, the license document of the RINPn is attached into "License" folder as "MIT_License.txt" in the distribution package. In the source code repository, the license document is attatched as the text file with the name "LICENSE".

- Disclaimer -

The RINPn is provided without any kind of warranties.

The developer of the RINPn assume no responsibility or liability for results of use (containing any errors, any damages, and so on) of the RINPn.

Please agree with the above point (and terms of the MIT License) before using the RINPn.

Let's Download and Prepare for Using

Download the Latest Version of the RINPn from the Official Website

This document is attached in the package of the RINPn, so readers might already have the package. If you haven't gotten it yet, you can download the package of the latest version of the RINPn anytime, from the following official website:

The RINPn Official Website

To download, click "Download Now" button at near the top of the above page. Then the compressed ZIP file rinpn_?_?_?_en.zip (?_?_? are version numbers) will be downloaded.

The package downloaded from the above button is a "pre-built" package. The pre-built package is ready to use, so it is convenient for most users. However, if you want to build the RINPn by yourself, get the source code package from the following repository:
The RINPn Source Code Repository
Clone the above repository, and build as described in README.

Extract the Downloaded Package (Compressed)

As mentioned above, the downloaded package "rinpn_?_?_?_en.zip" is compressed as a ZIP format file. It is necessary to extract the ZIP file before using the RINPn.

If you are using Microsoft® Windows®, at first, right-click the ZIP file and choose "Properties" from the menu, and enable "Unblock" checkbox at the right-bottom (in the line of "Security") of the properties-window. ( Otherwise, when you extract the ZIP file or when you execute the RINPn, security warning messages may pop up and the extraction/execution may fail. ) Then, to extract, right-click the ZIP file again, and select "Extract All" and so on from the menu.

If you are using other OS (Linux®, etc.), you probably can extract the ZIP file from the right-click menu.

Also, if you are using Linux® and so on, you can extract the downloaded zip file on the command-line terminal as follows:

cd (The folder in which the download ZIP file is)
unzip -O cp932 rinpn_?_?_?_en.zip    (?_?_? are version numbers)

This way might be helpful when you want to use the Japanese edition of the RINPn. In such case, on some environments, "mojibake" may occurr for names of extracted files, when you extract the downloaded ZIP file from right-click menu.

When the extraction of the downloaded ZIP file has completed successfully, a folder "rinpn_?_?_?_en" will be generated. All contents of the package of the RINPn (containing this document) are in that folder. Note that, if you double-click the downloaded ZIP file, you can also browse files in the package without extraction, but the RINPn probably don't work expectedly in such unextracted condition. Please extract the ZIP file before using the RINPn.

Put the Extracted Folder on/in the Desktop, USB Memories, or Anywhere Convenient for You (Available Without Installation)

The RINPn is available without installation, so put the extracted folder on anywhere convenient for you (e.g.: Desktop). If you want to use the RINPn on multiple computers, it might be useful for putting the extracted folder of the RINPn in a USB memory.

Now we are ready to use the RINPn. Let's launch and use the RINPn in next chapters: Step-1 (GUI mode) and Step-2 (CUI mode) !

- Trademarks/Credits -
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  • Microsoft Windows is either a registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.
  • Linux is a trademark of linus torvalds in the United States and/or other countries.
  • Other names may be either a registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective owners.

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