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Updated Applications

On October 12, we have released the new versions of some applications.

The List of the Updated Applications

The following applications have been updated:

Details of the Updates

The main purpose of this updates is, fixing the so-called "Mojibake" problem in Japanese environment, related with the change of the default encoding for Japanese locale on Java® runtime environment. It does not affects in English environment, so we omit the detailed explanation of it, in this article.

The change affecting to English environment is the following:

Renamed the "INDEX" animation mode to "INDEX-POINT",
and changed its time reference

On RINEARN Graph 3D, the "INDEX" animation mode drew lines between t-th coord and "t+1"-th coord, and plotted a point at "t+1"-th coord, where t is the value of the time counter.

On the other hand, the "TRACE" animation mode draws lines between 0-th, 1-th, ... t-th coords, and plots points for each coord.

The INDEX and the TRACE modes are frequently used together for analysis of the same data, so there was confusion about the difference of the reference time between of the INDEX and the TRACE modes (At the same "t", the INDEX mode goes one step ahead than the TRACE mode).

Hence, we considered that, we should change the difference between the two modes to, simply, only whether it draws whole trajectory during 0 to t (or draws only the state at t).

For the above reason, we have renamed the INDEX mode to "INDEX-POINT", and changed its behavior to: draws lines between "t-1"-th coord and t-th coords, and plots a point at t-th coord.

The same change with 3D has been applied.

For RINEARN Graph 2D, as same as 3D, we have renamed the INDEX animation mode to "INDEX-POINT", and have changed the reference time.


That's all. When we will have updated our apps, we will inform it in this "news" category again.

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