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RINEARN Graph2D is an install-less free 2D graph plotting software available for plotting data from numerical files, data on spreadsheets, math expressions, and so on.

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- About RINEARN Graph 2D -

Available on various desktop OSes

RINEARN Graph 2D is the graph software developed in Java®, so you can use it on Microsoft® Windows®, Linux, and other OSes for PC. Furthermore, you can put the RINEARN Graph 2D in your USB memory, and use it on multiple PCs without installation.

For Microsoft Windows

To execute RINEARN Graph 2D, double-click "RinearnGraph2D_*.*.*.bat" (Type: "Windows Batch File", and "*" are version numbers) in the downaloded/extracted folder. When you first execute this software, you can optionally get the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) which is required to run (it will put in the "jre" folder of this software, and will not be installed in the system of your PC).

For Linux, etc.

To execute RINEARN Graph 2D, set the current directory (by "cd" command) to the downloaded/extracted folder, and input the following command:

java -jar RinearnGraph2D.jar

If any error occurs and it indicates "java" command is not available, installing Java Runtime Environment (JRE) into your PC is required for executing this software. You might install a JRE of the OpenJDK project easily by "apt" command and so on, but please note that "headless" version is not available for this software.

For both of Windows and Linux, you can use RINEARN Graph 2D on the command-line terminal as "ring2d" command, by adding the path of "bin" folder of this software to the environment variable: "Path" or "PATH".

Plot data from spreadsheets easily

You can plot data on spreadsheet software (for example: Microsoft® Excel®) to 2D graphs very easily.

At first, download RINEARN Graph 2D and launch. Next, copy data from a spread sheet application. Then right-click on the graph screen of RINEARN Graph2D and select "Paste Data". The data will be plotted as a 2D graph on the screen.

Data can be pasted from general text editors such as notepad. Ofcourse, RINEARN Graph 2D can load data from files.

Simple UI for Daily-Use

RINEARN Graph 2D is placing emphasis on simple and quick operability for daily-use, rather than high functionality. The UI of RINEARN Graph 2D consists of the orthodox-style menu bar and mouse operations, so you can master it soon.

On the graph screen, you can set or shift the range of the graph by mouse dragging. You also can zoom in or out the graph by scrolling the wheel of the mouse.

UI Designs of RINEARN Graph 2D and 3D are commonized, so if you are already using RINEARN Graph 3D, you can accustomed to this software soon.


RINEARN Graph 2D can play the graphs as animations. The animation feature supports various mode. You can set index of each point as time, or set index of data-series as time, etc.

The animation feature can available by clicking "Tool" > "Animation" menu from the menu bar at the top of the window.

Plot Math Expressions

RINEARN Graph 2D equipped with math-plotting tools which plot various forms of mathematical expressions (formula) to 2D graph.

Math-plotting tools are implemented in VCSSL, which is the script language supported by RINEARN Graph 2D by default. You can run the VCSSL script alone if you want, so you can download and use math-plotting tools alone from following pages:

2D Graph Tool for Plotting Expressions of the Form of "y = f(x)"
A simple tool which plots the expression (formula) of the form of "y = f(x)" to the 2D graph.
2D Graph Tool for Plotting & Animating Expressions of the Form of "y = f(x,t)"
A simple tool which plots the expression (formula) of the form of "y = f(x,t)" to the 2D graph, and plays it as animation.
2D Graph Tool for Plotting & Animating Parametric Expressions of the Form of x(t) and y(t)
A simple tool which plots parametric expressions (formulas) of the form of x(t) and y(t) to the 2D graph, and plays it as animation.

On the RINEARN Graph 2D, you can use above math-plotting from the menu bar at the top of the window. At first, click "Program" menu from the menu bar, and choose "MathPlot" folder. Then select a script file of a math-plotting tool, e.g., "y(x)", "y(x,t)", or "x(t),y(t)", etc.


RINEARN Graph 2D can display content of image file to the background of the graph screen as "wallpaper". It help you to display explanations in the graph. Of course you can also use it for refreshing you.

An example of the wallpaper feature.


Complete license terms of RINEARN Graph2D is in here, but it is written in Japanese. At briefly, This software is free for any purpose, but you must agree with that the author of this software is not liable for any claim, any damages, any other liability.


You can use RINEARN Graph2D right now.

Please extract a zip file downloaded from the above link. Then double-click "RinearnGraph2D_*.*.*.bat (Windows Batch File)", or execute "RinearnGraph2D.jar (Executable Jar File)" on the command-line terminal.

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