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User Interface of the Main Window

User Interface of the Main Window

Menu bar

You can open data files, select plotting options, and set ranges, etc. from menus in the menu-bar at the top of the window. For detailes of each menus, please see "Menus" page.

Dimension bars

Lengths of X, Y, Z axises of the graph can be adjusted quickly by "dimension bars" which are triple vertical sliders at the left of the window.

Graph Screen

The graph image is displayed on the screen at the center of the window. On this screen, you can control the camera angle and the magnification by mouse motions and actions.

Quick Setting Selector

You can select and apply settings saved previously from "quick-setting selector" at the right-top of the window. Setting files are located in "RinearnGraph3DQuickSetting" folder. If you want to inherit settings after updating the software, please copy setting files in this folder.

Right Click Menu

The following menus will be popped-up when the right button of the mouse will be clicked on the graph screen.

Copy Image
Copy the graph image to the clipboard.
Paste Data
Paste vertices data from clipboard to plot. You can plot the data of the clipboard copied from other softwares (e.g. spreadsheets) instantly.

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Commitment to Significantly Expand English Documentation with AI Assistance - Presenting a Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Actual Workflow
2023/05/28 - We have decided to expand our English documentation by leveraging AI technologies such as ChatGPT. We will provide a detailed explanation of our initiative.

Update to RINEARN Graph 3D: Enhanced API-related Features and More
2023/05/18 - We recently released the latest version of RINEARN Graph 3D, Ver.5.6.32. Explains the details of this update.

Released Ver.1.0 of the Scientific Calculator App "RINPn"
2022/12/31 - We have released the first general release version (Ver.1.0) of the programmable scientific calculato app "RINPn". Explains the details.

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